Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | By: VenWizard

A dream or a wish?

They say a dream is a wish that your heart makes. Is that true?

I was giving you a piggyback ride, and even if it was in my dream, my heart was pounding with joy as you were clinging onto my back so tightly. I couldn't remember where we were going, or why because I guess it didn't matter. My head only chose to remember the ride, the laughter, and the intimacy we shared, and nothing else. When I woke up with a start, I couldn't help but beam widely the whole time. It felt silly to have dreamed of such a thing, but at the same time, wasn't it magical to actually get to experience something before you even have a chance to in real life? 



gäãra-dě-sañd said...

damn u! I got sore throat, and the dream was confusing and when I get up, all i felt was paint. Damn u! U still have time to smile whatever!!

gäãra-dě-sañd said...

*all I felt was pain.

Eagle Chou said...

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