Friday, March 15, 2013


Some say I am patient; others see me as the opposite. I guess it is hard to say I am which one. It really depends on the context we are talking about. Well, if--let's say--i were to wait for a text reply from someone, i would say "impatient" is underrated. In the worst scenario, I can lose my temper and you can virtually see smoke coming out of my ears.

Admittedly, I am one of those people who keeps my phone with me almost all the time except, of course, for that short period of time in the bathroom. So it takes me seconds to run my fingers on the screen and touch the "Send" button unless the reply is a serious business that requires serious time to give a thorough thought to. To some people, especially ladies, they take forever to reply when you ask them on a movie outing. And I am not talking about movie dates! Because I believe it is understandable if they take a little longer to decide whether they should or should not go with me on a movie date for fear of being judged as "easy", but if it is just a friendly, platonic meetup, I cannot see why they take decades to reply. And worse, before they even give you the answer straightaway, they also make sure they get you on the verge of being pissed first by torturing you with a string of LAME questions.

Jeez ... they really get on my nerves! They make a movie outing such a daunting task! Are girls always like that?


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

hi5, man! HI5!!! I totally can't agree more on this. totally!!!

VenWizard said...

>.< that's just annoying, man!

MinaS said...

Nope. NOT all if you count me as a girl hahaha. I reply to texts very fast as long as my phone is with me. I can't just ignore a text as soon as I see it and reply later. It's either reply now and never reply at all. I also hate waiting for texts from other people especially if it's someone I wanna talk to. Like seriously? How long does it take for you to write a text? It's annoying when it takes them forever to reply.. me pissed too hurrrrrrrr heeeeeeee