Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shades, baby ...

Here I am again ... WOOT WOOT ...

I don't know about others but for me, I usually blog when I am sad lol, and the reason why I haven't blogged for a while is pretty much obvious--I just haven't been sad enough lol, which apparently is a good thing.
Then I am sure you are probably thinking, "Ahhhh, now you must be sad, or you wouldn't be here".


I have been--literally--in this room for 6 hours straight. SIX FREAKINGGGGGG HOURSSSSSSSS. You can imagine how bored to death I am of the whole environment. Thanks to my mobile hotspot, I am able to get access to the internet lol.

Anyways, just a quick update. I got the first-ever sunglasses lol. Well, you might go, " What's the big deal?" Let me tell you--it is a huge deal! You see, for someone like me, someone short-sighted, wearing sunglasses instead of those specs is a dream. And finally my dream has come true! Now every time I drive, I wish there would be more sun lol so that I can just put my sunglasses on. Honestly, I feel like one of those superheroes from Avengers lol. The truth is I am really looking forward to wearing them at the beach this weekend. I am gonna be smoking hot, baby. SMOKING.

So ... this is just a quick update about my life lol ... the sunglasses, yeah!


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

oh yeah.... i love sunglasses but so far, I never be able to get one that doesn't make me look like a robber yet.

Pinkii Kdamprai said...

haha.... crazy entry :P

missie said...

and... were u burnt?

VenWizard said...

@gaara: Just stick to the old pair, kid lol
@pinkii: LOL once in a while, it is better than the sad ones, yeah?
@pha: well ... a little? LOL